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Understanding Ancient Egypt is my second book. It was published in 2014. It is also available in Kindle format.
You’ve seen pictures of the pyramids and tombs of the pharaohs – but how were they built, and why? What magic did the Ancient Egyptians practice and what medicine worked? They had complex lives driven by religion, the government, legal matters, work, fun, family, health, death and burials - not that much different from our lives today! This one-volume handbook is authoritive, informative, entertaining and visually exciting with over 100 full colour illustrations.
It covers all the major aspects of the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. The reader will understand what made this fascinating ancient society ‘tick’, and why a powerful and sophisticated culture developed and lasted over 3,000 years.
It is written in clear, everyday language which makes it a pleasurable ‘easy read.’ This publication is for all readers who have a general interest in Ancient Egypt and would like to understand how all aspects of this great civilisation work together in one ‘easy read’.

172 pages, with over 100 full colour illustrations.

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Understanding Ancient Egypt

by Eileen Goulding

Price £16.99 

ISBN: 9780993115202 


My first book was "What Did the Poor Take with Them" which is an investigation into the funerary practices of the non-elite of Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians, particularly during the New Kingdom.

 This book was based on my MA dissertation but is not for the casual reader! It is a highly academic and uses advanced statistics incorporating a 65,000 cell database to determine the changing burial practices of Ancient Egyptians, particularly during the New Kingdom

It was published in 2012 by Golden House Publications Ltd, ISBN 978-1-906137-32-8, and is available on Amazon, or direct from my website. You can find out more information about this book at http://www.egyptiangravegoods.org.uk