Eileen Goulding


Series 4 Mesoamerican & Australasian Culture  

American Pyramids - Tombs or Temples

Colossal pyramids are scattered across Mesoamerica but are they the same as those built by ancient Egyptians? I will take you on a tour of several pyramid sites including Teotihuacan and Chichin Itza to compare their function and design, and identify the people who built them and the artefacts they left behind.


Aztec and Maya Civilisations of Mexico

Human hearts, blood and children’s tears were all necessary to quench the hunger of the bloodthirsty gods of Mexico. If their needs were not satisfied the consequences for the nation would be catastrophic. Discover some of their ancient gods and learn about the religious rites designed to appease them.


Understanding Aboriginal Culture

The indigenous population of Australia occupied the land for over 30,000 years in relative isolation. Discover their ancient traditions and how they’ve adapted to modern times since the arrival of Captain Cook


Traditional Magic & Medicine

I will compare the magical rituals, spirituality and medicinal practices of the ancient peoples of Australia and China – learn what works and what doesn’t!


Pirates: Tales from the South Seas

For centuries, pirates have terrorised the seas off the coasts of Australia, southern China and the Philippines. Discover their stories of bloodthirsty bravery and how, in the end, they are always defeated.