Eileen Goulding


Series 3 Magic, Myths and Legends  

Sun Deities of the Ancient World

For thousands of years, humans have attempted to explain the Sun in terms of their own worldviews, and have recognized its significance as prime controller of all life on Earth. It was never just a planet thatgave warmth and light and topped up a tan! The Sun can be a god, a demon, an all-powerful creator or a ruthless taker of life. This lecture takes you on a world tour of our more fascinating sun god, myths and legends and the best, and the worst, practices of sun worship


Mystical Signs & Symbols of the Ancient World

Since the dawn of civilisation, mankind have tried to understand and control the unseen powers of the sky, the earth, the seas and life itself. Ancient peoples left clues to their belief systems in all corners of the world in symbols, inscriptions, monuments and artefacts from the Aztec Calendar Stone and the Spear of Destiny to magic circles and Navaho sand paintings. I will examine in detail the mysteries of these ancient symbols of our ancestors and their desire to control the Universe.


Magic and Medicine of the Ancients

The practices of magic and medicine throughout the ancient world were intertwined and often difficult to distinguish. This lecture examines both to demonstrate the similarities and differences, with details of spells, prescriptions and potions to kill or cure. The magicians were powerful, the doctors knowledgeable and the surgeons were skilled but could they help and heal the unfortunates they treated? This lecture identifies what worked – and what didn’t!