Ancient Egypt
Eileen Goulding

About me

About me.

After a successful career as a Finance Director in the City of London I took early retirement and began the next exciting phase of my life. I started studying Ancient Egypt and after several years and many study trips to Egypt I was awarded an MA in Egyptology by the University of London in 2012. I am the author of two books: ‘What did the Poor Take with Them?’ was published in 2013 and is an academic treatise on Ancient Egyptian grave goods of the non-elite, while my second ‘Understanding Ancient Egypt’ published in 2014, is a more accessible introduction to the people and practices of this ancient civilisation.

I had always wanted to be a teacher and can now fulfil my dream by continuing my research into ancient civilisations from around the world to pass on my knowledge and passion of different cultures as a worldwide speaker on cruise ships. I am an accredited lecturer of the Arts Society and enjoy giving lectures to their societies around the UK, other professional societies and schools.