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Understanding Ancient Egyptian Art: Wall Reliefs & MuralsEgypt has a wealth of artefacts dated to its ancient past that today can be classified as art. This lecture examines one genre, the splendid wall reliefs and paintings found in tombs, and identifies the techniques, materials and different styles used by their accomplished artisans to achieve the beautiful results we can still see today.

Ancient Egyptian Art: Hidden Meanings RevealedFrom pyramids and temples to jewellery and furniture, every item from Ancient Egypt is steeped in religious symbolism and magical power. This lecture reveals the meaningful messages behind the artistry and unravels the religious symbolism inherent in their world.

Ancient Egyptian Art: 3,000 years of TreasuresThe Narma Palette and Meidum Geese from the Old Kingdom, Nebamun paintings from the New Kingdom give an indication of the wealth of Ancient Egyptian riches. This lecture will look in depth at five of the most interesting treasures, examine the techniques and materials used, who commissioned and owned them, their purpose and hidden meaning.

Ancient Civilisation: Mediterranean Artefacts—The bust of Nefertiti from Egypt, the Grecian Mask of Agamemnon and jewellery of the Cretan Warrior give an indication of the wealth of riches from the ancient lands surrounding the Mediterranean. This lecture will look in depth at some of the most interesting and beautiful treasures.                

Art in the Ancient World