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Eileen Goulding
After retiring from a career in finance I was able to indulge my interest in Ancient Egypt by studying Egyptology at the University of London where I was awarded an MA in 2012. I now lecture on Ancient Egypt and other ancient civilisations in the UK and overseas, specialising in art, religion and funerary practices. I also have a keen interest in the Myths & Legends of the Ancient World, and have a series of talks on those subjects.

I am an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society and lecture to Archaeology and Egyptology Societies throughout the UK. I am a Guest Speaker for Carnival, giving talks on board their fleet of cruise ships.

I am the author of two books, What Did the Poor Take With Them? and Understanding Ancient Egypt.

My first book What Did the Poor Take with Them? published in 2013, is an academic treatise on Ancient Egyptian grave goods, while my second book Understanding Ancient Egypt published in 2014, is a more accessible introduction to the subject.